Tretyakov Denis

The wild, bestial, bordering on surreal world of Denis Tretyakov, Saint Petersburg, sculptor is an invitation to one of the most heated intellectual disputes of all, the Human-Animal debate.

While natural science has handed us a solid knowledge of humans being animals, we find it very hard to act from a place of science every time we holler, ”Stop acting like animals!” Tretyakov’s art argues that these automatic thoughts cannot be overrode by science, because for ages now we have spoken about the subject not in the language of science, but in tongues of philosophy and art.

That’s where Denis Tretyakov comes in. Having mastered the language and the expressive potential of sculpture as a Russian Academy of Arts graduate, he is able to join this eternal debate on its own terms.


Memorial sculpture “Grieving” Читать далее
Bronze sculpture.A series of animalistic sculpture. Читать далее


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